You can perform this function on the Kolmeo Pro app as well as on the web.

How to assign a request on the Kolmeo Pro app

  1. In the Request View screen click on the cog in the top right hand of the screen and then select Assignees from the drop down.

  2. In the next screen you can scroll up and down to find the team member you are looking for or click in the “Assign request to …” box to search for a name.

  3. Next click on the team member’s name to assign.

  4. The request will then vanish from your list of requests and appear on the list of the person you have selected.

How to assign a request on the web version

  1. From the side menu click on the Requests icon.

  2. Open an existing or create a new request.

  3. In the top right-hand side of the screen you'll see assignee field; Assigned to (assignee name).

  4. Click on the Assignee to open the Assign request menu.

  5. Under Delegate new assignee search for the new assignee's name in the Assign request to * field.

  6. Click on the Assign request button to apply your changes.


I sent someone a request and they can’t see it.

Did the request have a closed status? If a closed request is re-assigned it won’t appear on the request list unless the recipient is filtering for closed requests. If you want to re-assign a closed request change the status to “in queue” or “in progress” to make sure it is seen.

I changed my mind and want the request back.

You'll be able to still view and work on the request on the web version by deselecting the My Requests button, this will allow you to see all requests assigned to your office or use the filters button to view request assigned to a particular person. Once you locate your request, open it. In the top right-hand corner you can view the assignee, click on the assignee name. In the Assign request to * field select your name then click on Assign request.

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