Available on the Kolmeo Pro app and web version.

Requests are a way for you to track the majority of the work you perform and manage your workflow:

  1. Communicate – you can SMS your owners or tenants, send the request to a colleague to help with a task.

  2. File – add photos, emails, documents and have them available when and where you need them.

  3. Diary notes – add posts to the timeline so you can record actions taken and make notes of things to do.

  4. Create letters - merge letters and documents from a list of templates specific to your Agency, handy merge fields will complete the required information for you.

  5. Set urgency and target dates - if the task is a high priority flag the request as urgent or need to complete a task by a certain date, set a target date.

  6. Snooze – don't need to do anything right now but have to remember to call an owner, tenant or supplier to follow up in a week? Snooze the request to pop up when you want to see it again.

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