Upload an invoice for payment using the Kolmeo Pro web version.

How to upload an invoice for payment on the web version

  1. Click on the Payments icon on the side menu, then select Invoices from the sub menu.

  2. Next click on the Upload button.

  3. Select the property the invoice is for by typing part of the address in the Property Search field. Click on the correct property address from the search result list.

  4. To attach a copy of the invoice, drag and drop the pdf file from file explorer into the square or click on the + symbol to browse and add the file via file explorer.

  5. If a work order has been raised you are able to select it from the drop down list in the Select Work Order field. (This field is not visible if no work orders have been raised).

  6. Select the Supplier; this is the trades person or company the invoice is payable to. Select the supplier by typing the supplier name in the Supplier Name field and select the supplier from the search results.

  7. Enter the invoice category, by selecting an option from the Select Invoice Category drop down list.

  8. In the Description field enter a summary of what the invoice relates to, for example, "Council rates for the period of xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx" or "Works completed at …" etc. We also recommend you add the supplier provided invoice number into this field as well.

  9. Select who the invoice is to be paid by, the owner or the tenant. Choose an option from the Select Payable By drop down list.

  10. Next you'll need to select which owner or tenant the invoice is payable by. To select choose an option from the Owners or Tenants drop down list

  11. Now you'll need to select which account the the invoice is to be deducted from, select an option from the Payment Source drop down list.

  12. Select the payment method of the Supplier from the Select Payable To drop down list, this is where and how the invoice is to be paid.

  13. If paying by direct deposit, select the supplier’s bank account from the Select Bank Account drop down list.

  14. If paying by BPAY, type the Supplier’s Biller Code and CRN.

  15. Next enter the Due Date, use the calendar icon to select the date.

  16. Type the full amount of the Invoice in the Total Invoice Amount field.

  17. Type the GST component of the Invoice in the GST field.

  18. Almost done, next click on the Save button

  19. The invoice has now been created in Kolmeo Pro.


The supplier I need is not appearing in my Supplier Name results list.

The Supplier needs to have been created & approved with a Payment Method entered in order to appear in the results list. Please contact the Kolmeo Support Team for assistance.

I added the wrong document to the invoice.

Before saving your Invoice, you can click on the Remove File button, then add the correct document.

My owner or tenant’s account is not appearing in the Payment Source drop down list.

Make sure you have entered your owner or tenant’s account details prior to processing the Invoice.

I am seeing an error that I need my manager to action.

Looks like you do not have the permissions required to enter an invoice. Please contact your manager.

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