You can only add a payment method for an owner on the web version of Kolmeo Pro.


  1. The owner contact has been created on Kolmeo Pro - Read the article on how to do this here.

  2. The ownership has been set up on the property - Read the article on how to do this here.

  3. The bank account details have been added to the owner contact and approved - Read the article on how to do this as a Property Manager here or as a Manager here.

How to add a payment method to a property to allow the disbursement of funds on the web version

  1. Click on the Properties icon on the side menu.

  2. You’ll now be directed to your property list page.

  3. Scroll through the list of properties or use the Search function to locate the property.

  4. Click on the property to open and select the ownership tab from the left sub menu.

  5. Click on the View button to open the ownership details screen.

  6. Click on the Manage button to select a bank account for this ownership.

  7. An owner contact can have multiple accounts set up for disbursement of funds. Click on the Select button against the account the owner wants to use for this particular property.

  8. Click on the Submit button.

  9. All done! The payment method has been set up for this property.


I’m in the ownership screen but I can’t see any account details.

Make sure all the prerequisites have been set up for the property.

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