Approve and process an invoice for payment using the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

How to approve and process an invoice for payment via Direct Debit on web version

NOTE: Before processing an invoice to be paid by an owner or tenant via direct debit please contact Kolmeo support to determine if the owner or tenant has approved to be direct debited.

To approve the invoice:

  1. Click on the Payments icon on the side menu, then select Invoices from the sub menu.

  2. Locate the invoice for approval. Handy Hint: Use the Filters and filter to show invoices in an Awaiting Approval status or to search for invoices per property.

  3. Click the View button next to the invoice to open.

  4. Review the invoice details, if the invoice is to be processed at a later date, update the Due Date and Do Not Pay Before date if applicable.

  5. Click on the Approve Invoice button to approve.

To process the payment:

  1. After an invoice has been approved you are then able to process for payment.

  2. Before processing the invoice for payment contact your Owner or Tenant to confirm they have funds available in their account for the Invoice to be debited.

  3. Click on the Invoices icon from the side menu.

  4. Locate the invoice for approval. Handy Hint: Use the Filters and filter to show invoice in an Approved status or to search invoices per property.

  5. Review the invoice and the Payment Dates.

  6. Click on the Process Payment button.

  7. Payment for the invoice amount will now be direct debited from the payee's account and the invoice status will update to Pending Payment.


I am seeing an error that I need my manager to action.

Looks like you do not have the permissions required to approve an invoice. Please contact your manager.

The invoice details are incorrect, can I edit?

Yes you can, however, you'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this, please raise a support ticket with our Customer Support Team through the live chat.

Read the article on how to contact Kolmeo Support here:

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