Prepare a marketing campaign using the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

How to prepare a marketing campaign on the web version

Create a marketing campaign:

  1. Locate the property you want to prepare for marketing from your property list, click into it so you are at the property details screen.

  2. From the left sub menu click into the Marketing & Images tab.

  3. Click the Create Campaign button.

  4. Use this screen to confirm and update the details used to market the property. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

  5. Review this page and update as required.

  6. If you are happy with the details, click on Save Details.

Add images to be used for the marketing campaign:

  1. Review or add the images that will be used. From the Marketing & Images page click on the Add Images button.

  2. Any previously used images will be listed here, or you can upload new images by clicking on the Upload Image button, and adding files stored on your computer.

  3. Select one image to use as the default by clicking on “star” Make default, next to the required image.

  4. Once an image has been uploaded, as a default it will be selected to be used in the campaign. If you would not like the image to be used, hover over the image row and click on the eye icon on the far left of the row. This toggles the image to not be used for marketing. The details will appear as greyed out and the eye icon as crossed-out.

  5. To change the order of how the images will be displayed on the online portals, click on the vertical ellipsis icon “” on the right-hand side of the image and drag up or down to re-order.


I’ve updated the marketing details, but I can’t save, the save details button is grey.

Have you entered details into all the required fields? Review the page and make sure all fields with an asterisk have been completed.

The facilities of the property need to be updated, but I can’t edit them.

You'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this. Please raise a support ticket with our customer support team through the live chat.

I’ve selected a number of images, but only one uploads.

We know it’s slow going, you can only upload one image at a time for now.

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