You can create a new tenancy in the web version of Kolmeo Pro.


Ensure you have created your tenant’s profile in Kolmeo Pro prior to creating the tenancy.

Read the article on how to do this here.

How to create a new tenancy in the web version.

  1. Click on the Properties icon on the side menu.

  2. You’ll now be directed to your property list page.

  3. Scroll through the list of properties or use the Search function to locate the property.

  4. Click on the property to open and select the Tenancy tab from the left sub menu.

  5. Click on the Add New button.

  6. Now enter the tenancy details beginning with the Lease Type. Select the Lease Type from the drop-down list

  7. Next enter the Lease From date, this is the date the lease is to commence, and the Lease To date, this is the date the lease is to expire. If entering a tenancy on an open-ended periodic lease agreement, the Lease To field can be left blank.

  8. Add the tenant/s by searching the Tenant Contact Name in the Add Tenants field and selecting from the list. Repeat to add multiple Tenants.

  9. Next select whether the property address is to be used for correspondence. If the tenants have a different postal address, select No under the Correspondence Address field and enter the address. Otherwise select Yes.

  10. Under the Utility Companies field, if your company integrates with a utility connection service, set the toggle button to blue, otherwise leave as grey.

  11. Finally, click on the Save & Continue button and your tenancy has now been created.


I can’t find my Tenant from the Add Tenants list?

You will need to first create your tenant as a contact before creating your Tenancy.

How can I add another Tenant after I have saved my new Tenancy?

In the tenancy, click on the Tenants icon from the side menu and add the new tenant by searching the Tenant Contact Name and selecting from the list, repeat to add multiple Tenants.

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