This function is performed on Kolmeo Pro web.

How to cancel or place an invoice on hold on the web version

  1. Click on the Payments icon on the side menu, then select Invoices from the sub menu.

  2. Locate the invoice you want to action, then click on the View button.

  3. In the invoice details page, you can choose to Place On Hold or Cancel Invoice by clicking on the required button.

  4. Enter a reason for the hold or cancellation; this is a required field.

  5. Now click on Confirm.

  6. The status of the invoice will be updated to On Hold or Cancelled and the reason will appear as a Status Description.

  7. Click on the Done button to return to the invoice list page.


I am getting an error message when trying to cancel an invoice.

Cancelling invoices requires certain permissions, ask your Manager to cancel the invoice.

I accidentally cancelled an invoice that still needs to be paid, how can I un-cancel an invoice?

You'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this, please raise a support ticket with our Customer Support Team through the live chat.

I need to approve an invoice that I previously placed on hold, how to I remove the hold.

Simply open the invoice and click on the Release From Hold button. Next enter a reason as to why the hold is being removed (this is an optional step) and click on Confirm. The invoice will now revert back to the status it was in prior to being placed on hold.

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