New Features & Improvements

  • Capture Direct Debit Authority - You have the ability to see if and when an Owner has given authority to Direct Debit and will also have the ability to upload and store a copy of the authorisation form against the ownership.

  • Edit Rooms on inspections - While conducting routine and entry inspections on the Kolmeo Pro app, you have the ability to manually create, rename, update and delete rooms in the property. You also have the ability to do the same for the fittings and fixtures within the rooms so the reports are an accurate representation of the property.

  • Exit Inspections - Exit Inspections (otherwise known as Final or Outgoing Inspections) can be booked, performed and completed on the Kolmeo Pro app.

  • Formula based fees for Leasing and Releasing fees - Leasing and Releasing fees can be entered under the ownership based on '% of annual rent' or '# of weeks' as well as a fixed amount.

  • Handle Multiple Owner Disbursements - Properties owned by multiple owners have the income disbursed to each owner's account based on their Ownership percentage.

  • Improved Invoice and Work Order Filtering - Your Invoices and Work Orders list screen will by default only display the invoices and work orders assigned to your portfolio. You may also view invoices or work orders assigned to another portfolio by applying the Property Manager filter.

  • Record tenant acceptance of T&Cs - Field visible under the tenant profile 'Personal Details' tab for Terms & Conditions to give you the ability to view if the tenant has accepted the Kolmeo Terms & Conditions and the date accepted.

  • Requests - improved filtering & sorting - The Request landing page has been updated, you are able to sort your requests by the 'Last Modified' date and will are also able to snooze a request direct from the landing page without having to open the request first. Requests can be filtered by the Property Manager, giving you the ability to view requests assigned to other Property Managers in your office.

  • Requests - persist filters - Once a filter or filters have been applied to your Requests, the results will be held until the filters are cleared. This will allow you to open and view a request, then return to your filtered results.

  • Share and Bookmark Request and Work Orders list screen with filters applied - When filters are applied to the Request or Work Orders list screen, the filter is remembered by the page's URL. This allows you to share the page with filters applied with colleagues with Kolmeo access or bookmark in your browser to return to your results quickly without having to reapply filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Create Invoice - When creating an invoice for a custom fee the confirm selection button fixed to show as enabled.

  • Create invoice - Fix to ensure Owners name populates when creating an invoice.

  • Commissions and Fees - The "Charge Commissions On" field has been fixed so that it no longer reverts to "Rent Only" in Edit mode.

  • Commissions and Fees - Fix to Leasing fee value to ensure it does not revert to "Fixed fee" when "N/A" is set.

  • Invoice Payments - Fix to partially paid invoices to ensure no commission paid to the agency when commission type is changed to "Rent only".

  • Invoice Payments - Multi owner disbursals for Invoices, fixed as this did not work as expected with BPAY.

  • Payments - Fix to ensure a change to the commission amount is picked by the tenancy payment schedule.

  • Payments - Fix applied to ensure that any change made to the commission amount is audited for compliance and reflected on the owners statement.

  • Reports - Fix to Ownership transaction report to ensure the rent management fee is shown.

  • Request posts - Text added to post fixed to wrap correctly.

  • Tenancy - Fix applied to ensure that there is no longer the need to refresh the page to activate the rent record.

  • Tenancy - Fix to ensure that when a new Rent Record is entered, it should default to previous period type.

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