Approve an invoice to be paid from rent using the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

How to approve an invoice to be paid from rent on the web version

The invoice must be payable by the owner in order to use this function.

  1. Click on the Payments icon on the side menu, then select Invoices from the sub menu.

  2. Locate the invoice for approval. Handy Hint: Use the Filters and filter to show invoices in an Awaiting Approval status or to search for invoices per property.

  3. Click the View button next to the invoice to open.

  4. Review the invoice details and update the Due Date and Do Not Pay Before date if applicable.

  5. To pay the invoice from the rental income toggle on the Invoices From Rent button.

  6. Click on the Approve Invoice button to approve.

  7. Excellent! Your invoice is now ready to be paid from the rental income.

Please note:

  • As the rental income is received, funds will automatically allocate to the invoice and any funds remaining will be disbursed to the owner. If not enough funds are received to pay the full invoice amount then the available finds will be allocated to the invoice and paid to the supplier as an installment.

  • Invoices set to Pay From Rent are paid based on the due date, if one or more invoices are due on the same date then the invoices are paid based on the invoice reference - oldest reference is paid first.

  • Once an invoice set to Pay From Rent it can still be processed for payment by Direct Debit. If the invoice is processed for payment by Direct Debit the funds will be taken from the owners account and will not wait to be taken from rent.


I am seeing an error that I need my manager to action.

Looks like you do not have the permissions required to approve an invoice. Please contact your manager.

The invoice details are incorrect, can I edit?

Yes you can, however, you'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this, please raise a support ticket with our Customer Support Team through the live chat.

Read the article on how to contact Kolmeo Support here:

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