New Features & Improvements

  • Auto Fees & Invoices - Admin Fee - If an amount is entered as the Admin Fee under the Commission & Fees tab against the Ownership of an Active Property an Admin Fee invoice will be auto generated on the first day of each month. The invoice is automatically approved and set to Pay From Rent, however can also be paid via Bpay. The invoice also calculates and adds GST.

  • Auto Fees & Invoices - Advertising & Marketing Fee - A Marketing fee invoice is auto generated when the Tenancy status of a property with an active marketing campaign is changed from Applied to Lease Signed or Active. Fee amount is calculated based on the Marking fee entered against the properties Commission & Fees. The invoice is payable by Owner to Agency and is automatically set to Pay From Rent, however can also be paid via Bpay. The invoice also calculates and adds GST.

  • Create and Edit Suppliers - You have the ability to create new suppliers in Kolmeo Pro as well as the ability to edit the details of existing suppliers.

  • Edit Property Details page & Property Management page - You have the ability to edit the information against a Property on the Property Details tab and the Property Management tab by clicking on the Edit Details button.

  • Edit Tenancy - Tenancy details on the Tenancy Overview tab can be edited. You'll have the ability to select if the tenancy is a Takeover Management, a Break Lease or if a Notice to Vacate has been received, as well as the ability to enter Vacate, Available and Handover dates.

  • Internal Reminders - Internal Reminders can be entered as alert notes on the Property Details tab of a Property and will also be displayed when creating requests. The Internal Reminders can only be seen by staff users.

  • Record Owner Acceptance of T&Cs - Field visible under the owner profile 'Personal Details' tab for Terms & Conditions to give you the ability to view if the owner has accepted the Kolmeo Terms & Conditions and the date accepted.

Bug Fixes

  • Create invoice - Fix applied to remove 'Charge Commission On' as a Fee Option when creating an invoice.

  • Create Invoice - Fix applied to ensure that "Ex. GST" is not displayed on invoice Description.

  • Edit Commissions & Fees - Commission & Fees page fixed to ensure text wraps correctly when window size is under 1155px.

  • Tenancy - Fix applied to tenancies to ensure Direct Debit forms will upload correctly when dragging and dropping the PDF form into the 'Upload Payment Form' modal.

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