SMS’s can be sent via requests from the Kolmeo Pro app.

How to send a SMS from the Kolmeo Pro app.

  1. Open the Kolmeo pro app and click on the Request icon on the bottom of the screen to navigate to your request list.

  2. Select the request relating to the item you will be referring to in your SMS (or create a new one).

  3. From the request screen click on Send SMS.

  4. Select the recipients, you can chose from either the owners or, if there is an active tenancy, the tenants.

  5. Enter the content of your SMS to the Add text field. This field has a character limit of 160 characters including spaces.

  6. Once you have entered your message click on SEND in the top right-hand side of the screen.

  7. The SMS will now be sent to the selected recipients and a copy of the SMS will be added to the request timeline in both the app and web version.

  8. Click on View Status for confirmation that the SMS has been sent, one of the following status will appear against each recipient:

  • Sent – SMS has been successfully sent.

  • Failed – SMS has not been sent.

  • Pending – SMS is in the process of sending.


My SMS is showing a status of Failed.

Is the mobile number, correct? Try contacting the tenant via phone call or email to confirm you have the correct number in Kolmeo.

The incorrect, or no tenants, are displaying as potential recipients.

You can only send the SMS to tenants attached to an Active tenancy, you may need to update the tenancy status prior to sending the SMS.

There is more than one owner or tenant, how do I select only one to SMS?

This feature isn't currently available. You can only send a mass SMS via the APP.

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