Paid to dates can be found on both the app and web versions of Kolmeo Pro.

How to find paid to dates using the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

1. Open the Tenancy on Kolmeo Pro web – read the article on how to do this here.

2. From the Tenancy click on Rent & Payments on the sub-menu.

3. The tenant’s Paid to Date will be displayed in the information panel at the top of the screen:

  • Paid to Actual – This is the Paid to Date in accordance with the tenant’s payment cycle, any payments made past this date that are not a full cycle amount are referred to as a Part Payment. Part Payment funds have been allocated to rent and paid to the owner.

  • Paid to Effective – The Effective Paid to Date is the date that the sum of all rent payments takes the tenancy to.

How to find paid to dates on the Kolmeo Pro app.

1. Open your property in the Kolmeo Pro app

The tenant’s paid to dates will be displayed under the property address and property image.


Are Paid to Dates inclusive or exclusive?

Paid to Dates are inclusive in Kolmeo Pro.

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