Rent adjustments are performed on Kolmeo Pro web via the property transactions page.

1. Select the required property and click on Transactions in the sub menu.

2. Click on the Create adjustment payment $ button and then on the Rent button in the following pop up.

3. In the Tenancy box click on the down arrow and select the relevant tenancy from the drop-down list.

4. In the Payable By box click on the down arrow and select Tenant from the drop-down list.

5. In the Tenants box click on the down arrow and select the tenant that will making the payment.

6. In the Manual Payment box click on the down arrow and select the tenants account to be debited.

7. In the Payable To box click on the down arrow and select the Tenancy.

Please note: all rent adjustments must flow through the tenancy so paid to dates can be updated correctly.

8. Type the amount to be debited in the Amount field.

9. Select Rent Adjustment from the Subcategory drop down list.

10. You can add a reason for the direct debit in the Description field, if required.

11. Click on the Submit button. A confirmation pop up will appear.

12. Review the details and if all ok and you want to go ahead, click on the Confirm button.

13. The adjustment will now appear in the Transactions screen of the property with a status of Awaiting Approval. Click on the Review button.

14. Review the details, and if OK to proceed then click on the Approve button.

15. Once you have confirmation from the tenant that funds are available and you want to proceed with the payment, click on Process Payment. The status of the adjustment will now be Pending Payment.


I’m in the transactions page and I can’t see a button to create an adjustment.

Adjustments are created under the property not the tenancy. Are you in the tenancy transactions page? If yes, click on the back arrow in the submenu, and now click on Transactions. You should be able to see the Create adjustment payment button.

I am getting an error message when trying to submit or approve the direct debit adjustment.

Adjustments are permissions based; you may need to get your manager on board to approve your adjustment.

I have reviewed an adjustment and it need to be amended, can I do this?

Editing an adjustment is not currently an available feature. You can click on the Reject button and re-create the adjustment with the correct details.

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