You can enter BPAY as a payment method in the web version of Kolmeo Pro.


  1. Tenancy has been created in Kolmeo Pro and the status has been set to Lease Signed or Active – read the article on how to do this here.

  2. A Rent Record has been entered in the tenancy.

  3. The tenant has fully completed the Payments Onboarding Form and has accepted Terms & Conditions.

  4. The tenant contact has been updated to show acceptance of Terms & Conditions.

How to enter BPAY as a payment method in the web version.

  1. Open the Tenancy on Kolmeo Pro web.

  2. Click on Rent & Payments in the sub-menu.

  3. Under Payment Methods click on the vertical ellipsis ⋮ next to the tenant you are adding BPAY details for and select Manage.

  4. You will be re-directed to the Manage Accounts page.

  5. In the section under Bpay Accounts click on the radio button to Select Account. Next click on Submit.

  6. The tenant's BPAY Biller Code and Reference number for rent payments will now be displayed. You can provide these details to the tenant for their rental payments.


I am getting an error message when trying to add a payment method for the tenant.

Before adding a payment method for a tenant, you first need to have added an owner bank account against the property - read the article on how to do this here.

I’ve added the tenant and BPAY details, but the system is showing a zero amount next to the tenant in the Payment Methods table.

You can add the amount the tenant will pay by clicking on Edit Amount next to Payment Methods. Add the amount the tenant will be paying in the Amount field next to the correct tenant. REMINDER: Make sure the total rent payable adds up to 100%.

Can my tenant use the same BPAY details to pay any invoices such as water usage?

No, these BPAY details are for rental payments only and any payments made using these details will automatically allocate to rent and pay to the owner. Tenant invoices will each have their own unique BPAY reference.

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