New Features & Improvements

  • Edit Request Details - The details of existing requests, including the Short description, More details and Type of request fields can be edited and updated at any time. Simply open the request in the Web version of Kolmeo Pro and click on the vertical ellipsis '' next to the request title and select 'Edit Details'.

  • Pro-Rata Rent Records - Pro-Rata rent records can be entered under the Tenancy 'Rent & Payments' tab via the '+ Add Pro Rata' button.

  • Requests Search Bar - Easily search for a specific request by entering the request 'Reference no.' / 'Ref' or 'Request Title' in the Search bar on the Request List page in the Web version of Kolmeo Pro.

  • Sort Invoice and Work Orders - You have the ability to sort the Invoice and Work Order lists page in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading.

  • Statement Update and Auto Send - The layout of the Owner Statements have been updated to better display the relevant information required. Statements are automatically generated and emailed to Owners at the end of each month.

  • Supplier Approval - Once a new supplier has been created it can only be approved by a user with Management permissions.

  • Tenant Payment Methods Update - The Payment Methods section of the Tenancy - Rent & Payments tab has been updated. The payment amount for Tenants paying via Direct Debit is defined by a % amount of the total rent. Tenants set to BPAY are not required to have a % amount entered against their payment method.

  • View Requests from the Property - A list of open unsnoozed requests can be viewed from within the property via the 'Requests' tab. The Requests tab will display all open requests assigned to the property and will also allow you to snooze or open the request from this screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Close Requests in App - Fix applied so that a reason is not needed when changing the status of a request to closed in the Kolmeo Pro App.

  • Schedule Inspections - Fix to the Kolmeo Pro App to ensure that the 'Property Search' function works correctly when scheduling an Entry/Exit Inspection. Fix also applied to ensure that the 'Choose Properties' becomes enabled when scheduling an inspection.

  • Work Orders - Work Order detail page fixed to ensure that the preview of the Work Order PDF is displayed.

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