New Features & Improvements

  • Enter Tenant Profile as a Company - When creating a new tenant profile you have the ability to enter the Tenant type as a Company. Once the 'Tenant as Company' button has been toggled on the Company Name and ABN fields become available.

  • Improvements to Inspections on the App - When viewing the list of Scheduled and Conducted inspections on the Kolmeo Pro app the inspections are displayed in descending order. The size of photos taken via the app have been slightly reduced resulting in faster upload speeds.

  • Remove Hold from Invoices - You have the ability to remove the hold on invoices with the status of 'On Hold'. Once the 'Release From Hold' button has been pressed the invoice will revert back to status it was in prior to being placed on hold.

  • Schedule Routine Inspection on Web - You have the ability to book Routine Inspections and view a list of scheduled/completed inspections on the Web version of Kolmeo Pro. This feature allows you to book Routine Inspections in bulk across multiple dates to then be performed on the Kolmeo Pro app.

  • Side Menu Update - The 'Invoices' tab has been renamed 'Payments'. Access Invoices, Adjustments and Work Orders via the Payments tab. Access Inspections via the 'Inspections' tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjustments - GST - A fix has been applied to adjustments to ensure that GST is not added when the 'Add GST to this payment' button is toggled off.

  • Adjustments - Payment Methods - Fix applied to remove 'Digital Wallet' as a Payment Method as this is not an available option.

  • Direct Debit - Description on Bank Statements - A fix has been applied to Direct Debits to ensure that the description for the direct debit on the customers statement appears as the Agencies 'Short Name'. If the Agencies 'Short Name; has not been configured the description will default to 'KOL'.

  • Migrated Suppliers - Fix applied to the address details of Suppliers migrated on to Kolmeo Pro to ensure that the Supplier details can be edited.

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