Step 1. Select inspection icon from main menu

Step 2. Click Schedule inspections

Step 3. Select the properties you want to inspect by tagging them

Step 4. Click Schedule Properties

Step 5. Click Add inspection run

Step 6. Choose your date form Set the date

Step 7. Click on clock to set start and end time (ensure you check the AM and PM)

Step 8. If you want to do a second run in the month Click Add inspection to create another slot

Step 9. Once all inspection days selected Click Add

Step 10. You will then be taken to the properties to schedule page

Step 11. Tag the properties you want to inspection on the first day

Step 12. Click allocate selected properties on the specific date you want to allocate these

Step 13. Tag the properties for the next inspection day and click on allocate selected properties on the correct day

Step 14. Click review schedule

Step 15. If you are happy click Confirm

Step 16. To make any change click back then go through the steps to confirm again.

Step 17. To see the list, you will need to scroll to the selected date ranged

Step 18. You will then need to create and send the entry notice – go to your requests and you will see a inspection created request. You can filter by type or the property address

Step 19. Don’t forget to email the entry notice and then attached email to the request

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