You can enter the rent record in the web version of Kolmeo Pro.


Ensure you have already created the tenancy - Read the article on how to do that here.

How to enter the initial rent record on the web version.

The rent record captures what rent is owed by the tenancy for a given period of time.

  1. Open the Tenancy – read the article on how to do this here.

  2. From the Tenancy click on Rent & Payments from the sub-menu.

  3. Under the Rent Record field click on the Add Rent Record button.

  4. In the Amount box enter the rent amount.

  5. In the Frequency box click on the down arrow and select the rent frequency i.e. Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. This is the rental cycle and the frequency the tenant must pay the rent. I.e.; if the weekly rent is $100.00 and the tenant will be paying the rent fortnightly, the amount of $200.00 per fortnight must be entered.

  6. The Rent From date is the Lease Start date.

  7. Leave the Rent To field empty. This is used when the rent cycle needs to be changed.

  8. The rent record has now been created and will show as active. The Rent & Payments area at the top of the screen will also be updated to reflect current paid to dates and when the rent is due next.

NOTE: Paid to dates are inclusive, the rent record start date is exclusive.

Next steps:

Ensure that the Payment Method is also added. Find out how to add BPAY details here or how to add Direct Debit detail here.


I accidently entered a Rent To date.

This can be removed. Click on the vertical ellipsis icon “” next to the rent record and select Edit. Next remove the date form the Rent To field and click Update to save.

I entered the wrong Rent From date.

You'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this, please raise a support ticket with our Customer Support Team through the live chat.

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