Routine inspections are performed on the Kolmeo Pro app.

How to perform a routine inspection on the Kolmeo Pro app.

  1. Ensure that you have scheduled the routine inspection. Read the article how via the web version here or via the app here.

  2. Scroll through your Scheduled inspections, locate the property address and click on the inspection to open.

  3. Click on the Begin Inspection button.

  4. As a default you’ll be taken to the first Room in the inspection template. If you would like to begin your report from another room simply use the arrows next to the Room heading at the top of your screen or click on the room heading and select a room from the list. A green tick will indicate which room you are currently viewing on the app.

  5. Select the condition of the Room by clicking on one of the following options to highlight: Clean, Undamaged and Working.

  6. Now enter your comments by clicking and typing in the Comments field.

  7. To take photos, click on the Take Photos button, this will open the camera on your device. Click on the center button to capture the photo, you’ll be able to take multiple photos at a time. Once complete click on the green tick button to return to the inspection.

  8. To add a photo from your camera roll, click on the Upload Photos button, select one or more photos then click on the Add Photos button to upload to your inspection.

  9. Click on the vertical ellipsis over the photo to Delete or Download a copy of the photo to your device.

  10. Follow this process for each Room.

  11. Once complete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Complete Report button.

  12. Under Observation notes enter any notes you have for the owner that are to appear on the report in the Notes for owner field, for example suggested repairs or maintenance required.

  13. Enter any internal notes under the Internal notes field. Any text entered here will not be printed on the report and are for internal use only. Once the report has been generated, the internal comments will no longer be visible.

  14. Review your comments and conditions under Room Info, click on the room to view the details. From here you can edit the room condition or your comments as well as view or remove photos.

  15. Enter rent appraisal or lease renew recommendations in the Rent appraisal field under the Property notes.

  16. Once all details click on View as owner to preview the report.

  17. To make any changes click on Edit notes or to proceed click on Generate report.

  18. Once the report has been generated you will receive a pop-up message to advise that the report has been added to the Inspection Timeline. Click on View Inspection Timeline to be directed back to the inspection timeline.

  19. Scroll down to the inspection timeline and click on View report. You may be asked to login to Kolmeo again, enter your user name and password to proceed. A PDF copy of the report will be generated on your device.

  20. Click on the upload or share function on your device and share a copy of the report via email to yourself. You will receive a link to the report via email.

  21. Click Done or back to close the PDF and return to the app. In the app click on Report Sent to finalise.

  22. From your PC, you'll need click on the link to open. You’ll now see the report in your internet browser. Right click and select print, to create a PDF, select print to PDF. From here you can share a copy of the report via email or post with the owner.

  23. That’s it! You have now completed your routine inspection!


I accidently clicked on Report Sent but still need to edit, what do I do?

You'll need a little help from Kolmeo with this, please raise a support ticket with our Customer Support Team through the live chat.

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