New Features & Improvements

  • Create Work Orders from Requests - A Work Order can be created via the Request Details screen. When creating a Work Order from a Request the Address, Short description and More details fields auto-populate from the Requests details.

  • 'My Portfolio' button update - When the 'My Portfolio' button is deselected on the Property list, Request lists, Invoices list, Adjustment list and Work Orders list pages, the button text will update from 'My' to 'All' e.g. All Requests, All Invoices etc.

  • Property Menu Update - You have ability to view invoices, adjustments and work orders linked to a property from the 'Invoices', 'Adjustments' and 'Work Orders' options in the property sub menu.

  • Property Search Filters - App - Search for a specific property from your Properties list or view properties assigned to other Property Managers in your office on the Kolmeo Pro app. From the Properties page in the app, click on the Filters button, to search for a specific property type the address in Search for address field and Save filters to view your results. To view/search properties assigned to another portfolio toggle off the My Properties button and Save filters.

  • Requests - Automatic Status Change - Requests with the Status of 'In queue' will automatically update to 'In progress' whenever an SMS is sent from the app or when a post/document is added to the timeline.

  • Requests Details Page update -

    Internal Reminders - Internal reminders entered against the Property Details page will be visible on the Request Details page on the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

    Request Re-assigned Timeline Stamp - When a request is re-assigned to another user, the details including; assigned from, assigned to, actioned by, date and time are added as a post to the request timeline.

    Tenant Status - Tenant status is displayed next to the Tenant name, view if the the tenant is Active or Inactive.

    View Image from thumbnail - You have the ability to view full screen preview of an image saved to a request post by clicking on the thumbnail.

    View Tenancy - Navigate directly to the associated Tenancy from the Request Details page via the 'View tenancy' button.

  • Requests Lists Page update -

    Clickable field - The request can be viewed by clicking anywhere on the row, rather than just over the Request title.

    Keyword Search - Keyword search field on the requests list page will default to search by 'Request title' rather than by the request 'Ref number'. To search by reference number use the drop-down menu to select this option.

  • Schedule Entry/Exit Inspections on Web - You have the ability to book Entry and Exit inspections on the web version of Kolmeo Pro. This feature allows you to book Routine, Entry and Exit Inspections in bulk across multiple dates to then be performed on the Kolmeo Pro app.

  • Side Menu Update - Access the Work Order list page via the Work Orders icon on the side menu.

  • Work Order Update -
    Agency Logo - When a work order is created the document will display your company's logo in the top left-hand corner. If no logo has been configured into Kolmeo, then your company's name will be displayed.

    Lists page filters - The Work Order lists page will automatically default to only display active work orders assigned to the users portfolio.

    Multiple Tenant Contact Details - Where a tenancy has multiple tenants the contact details of up to the first 3 tenants will be displayed on the document.

  • View Inspection Image on App - You have the ability to view full screen preview of an image taken or added to an inspection on the Kolmeo Pro App by clicking on the thumbnail.

Bug Fixes

  • Kolmeo Connect App - Unable to view vacant properties - Fix applied so that vacant properties can be viewed by the owner when logged in to the Kolmeo Connect owner app.

  • Login Issue - Issue effecting some users logging in to Kolmeo Pro has now been fixed. All users should now be able to login on the first attempt.

  • Snooze Requests - Fix applied to requests to ensure that when a request is snoozed via the Request list page the snooze date is then also updated in the Request Details page.

  • View existing Work Orders - Issue effecting some users trying to view an existing Work Order has now been fixed.

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