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New Features & Improvements

  • Account Nicknames - You have the ability to enter an account nickname when entering account details for an Owner, Tenant or Supplier into Kolmeo to help identify which account is to be used. For example an owner may opt to use one account to receive their rental income and another account for any invoice direct debits. The nickname can also be edited once the account details have been approved.

  • Two Step Account Verification - Users with the Property Manager permission have the ability to enter the account details against Owner, Tenant and Supplier profiles. A user with the Manager permission has the ability to approve the account details for use. Until the account details have been approved by the Manager they cannot be selected for use in Kolmeo.

  • Horizontal Scroll Bar - On the web version of Kolmeo Pro, where the content of the page is larger then the width available you'll now have the ability to scroll across the screen via a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the page to view all content.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjustment - Fix applied to an adjustment showing as overpaid to reflect the correct amount.

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