This function can only be performed on the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

How to enter account details against a tenant profile in the web version.

  1. In the web version of Kolmeo Pro hover over the Profile icon in the side menu and select Tenants.

  2. Use the Search function or scroll to locate the tenant's profile then click to open.

  3. Next click on Bank Accounts in the sub-menu.

  4. Now click on the Add Bank Account button.

  5. Enter the tenant’s BSB, Account Number and Account Name as per the Payments Onboarding Form, at this stage you may also enter an Account Nickname e.g. Tenant Direct Debit account.

  6. If the account is be used for direct debits, toggle on the Direct Debit Authority button to confirm that the tenant has given authority for the account to be debited. NOTE: You will not be able to authorise direct debits from this account until this step has been actioned.

  7. Once the direct debit authority button has been toggled to on, you’ll be prompted to attach a copy of the Payments Onboarding Form. Drag and drop a copy of the from into the attachment field and edit the file name if required. Then click Upload to save.

  8. Click on Submit to save the account details. NOTE: Once saved the BSB and Account Number will be masked and only the last digit of the BSB and the last three (3) digits of the Account Number will be visible. Ensure to double check the details entered before clicking Submit.

  9. The account details will now appear under the tenant profile as Pending Approval. NOTE: Your manager will need to approve the account details before you can create a direct debit schedule using these details or use as an invoice payment option. Please raise a request or contact your manager to approve.


I entered the wrong account details, can I edit or cancel?

Once the account details have been saved, you cannot edit. However you can cancel while in Pending Approval and start over. To cancel navigate to the Bank Accounts tab in the Tenant Profile. Locate the account under the Pending Approval heading and click on the Cancel button. You'll receive a pop-up message asking if you are sure you would like to cancel as this will permanently remove the record. To proceed click on the Yes, cancel request button and the record will be removed. Follow the steps in the article above to re-enter the correct details.

How do I attach the Authority form while the account is Pending Approval?

While the account is Pending Approval it cannot be edited unless you have Management permissions. If you do not have the required permissions please ask you manager to do this for you.

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