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New Features & Improvements

  • Create Invoice Page Update - When creating a new invoice in Kolmeo Pro the 'Add New Fee' modal is clearly labelled to indicate that the fee amount displayed in the menu is excluding GST. When a fee is added, the fee amount excluding GST is populated in the 'Amount (excl. GST)' field and the GST amount is auto-calculated and populated in the 'GST' field.

  • Inspections Update on Web -

    Inspection List Page Update - Inspections can be scheduled on the web version of Kolmeo Pro via the Inspections List page by clicking on the 'Schedule Inspections'. This page also lists all Scheduled, In Progress and Completed Inspections. Inspections are listed in an ascending order based on the scheduled date and time. Information shown on this page includes the time and date of the Inspection Run, Property Address, Key Position Number, Inspection Type, who the Inspection is Assigned to and the Inspection Status. Inspection Entry Notices can also be downloaded as a PDF from this page by clicking on the arrow icon next to the inspection record.

    Inspection Timeline - The Inspection Timeline can be viewed on the web version of Kolmeo Pro by clicking on the Inspection record from the Inspections List page. The Inspection Timeline is similar to a Request. From here you can view the inspection booking details, reassign, view owner and tenant details, add posts including images and documents, merge letter templates, download Entry Notices and will soon have the ability to view the Inspection Report once completed and generated via the app.

    Assign Inspections to other Users - When booking Inspections on the web version of Kolmeo Pro you have the ability to assign an Inspection Run to another user allowing you to book on their behalf. To assign an Inspection Run to another user, from the Schedule Properties page once the Inspection Run has been created, click on the 'Edit 'Assigned To'' button and search for the new assignee in the 'Assign inspection run to' field then click 'Assign Run' to confirm.

    Reassign Scheduled Inspections - Scheduled inspections can also be reassigned individually as needed to other users. To reassign an inspection, open the Inspection Timeline from the Inspection List page then click on 'Edit' next to the 'Assigned to' field. Search for the new assignee in the 'Assign request to' field then click 'Assign request' to confirm.

    Inspection Entry Notices - Once an Inspection Run has been scheduled the Entry Notices to the Tenant auto generate as a PDF and appear as a Post against the Inspection Timeline. From here the Notice can be downloaded to be emailed and/or printed and posted to the tenant/s. From the Post you have the ability to copy the tenant's email address to your clipboard via the 'Copy tenant emails' button so that the email address/addresses can be easily pasted into an email when issuing the Notice via this method. Entry Notice templates are state based and include the state legislative forms if applicable.

  • Page Titles - The page titles have been updated from the backend to include a better description of each page so that pages visited can be clearly identified when navigating through browser history.

    Bug Fixes

  • Adjustments - Fix applied to Adjustments to remove 'Digital Wallet' as a payment method.

  • Internal Reminders on Requests - A fix has been applied to ensure that the Internal Reminders are displayed on the Requests Details page.

  • Request Assignee List - App - Fix applied to the Kolmeo Pro App to ensure that the users names are displayed in alphabetical order when reassigning a request.

  • Tenancy Transaction Ledger - A fix has been applied to ensure that invoices paid by the tenant are displayed on the CSV report.

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