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New Features & Improvements

  • Call Owner or Tenant from a Request - App - You have the ability to call an Owner or Tenant directly from a request on the Kolmeo Pro app by clicking on the Phone icon in the request timeline then selecting the Owner or Tenant contact to call. This will send the contact number to the default phone app on your device and the call will be made via your device. At this stage, making a calling an Owner or Tenant from the app will not create a post in the Request Timeline.

  • Inspections on Web Update -

    Inspection List Page Filters - Filters can be applied to your search when viewing inspections from the Inspection List Page on the web version of Kolmeo Pro. Filters include by Inspection Type (Routine, Entry or Exit), Status (Completed, In Progress and Scheduled), Scheduled Date (date range filter, select Start Date and End Date) or by Assignee.

    Search Inspection List by Property - You have the ability to search for a specific Inspection on the Inspection List page by typing the Property address into the Search Bar.

  • Snooze Date on Request Lists Page - The Snooze Date column has returned to the Request List page. From here you have the ability to view the snooze date, sort by the snooze date in ascending or descending order and apply a snooze date to a Request.

Bug Fixes:

  • Direct Debit - Description on Bank Statements - A fix has been applied to Direct Debits to ensure that the description for the direct debit on the customer's statement appears as the Agency 'Short Name'. If the Agency 'Short Name' has not been configured the description will default to 'KOL'.

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