Please note: To ensure you are using the most recent version of the Kolmeo Pro App please check your App settings on your device for updates (see how to do this here) and to ensure you are using the most recent version of Kolmeo Pro Web please logout and log back in again.

New Features & Improvements

  • Side Menu Update - Once logged in to or when opening a new tab or window on the Web version of Kolmeo Pro, the Side Menu by default will appear in the expanded view. Easily switch to the compact view by clicking on the 'Collapse' button at the bottom of the menu.

  • Inspections Update -

    Owner and Tenants to view inspection reports on Web - Once an inspection has been completed a URL link to the Inspection report can be sent directly from your device to the owner or tenant to view. The owner or tenant then has the ability to click the link to view a HTML version of the report. Please note: The owner or tenant will be required to login to view the report and must register/login with the email address entered against their Profile in Kolmeo Pro. The following link can be provided to owners and tenants to assist:

Bug Fixes

  • Document Templates - Fix applied to document templates to resolve the issue reported by users who could not download any merged documents.

  • Download Documents with '.MSG' File Type - A fix has been applied to ensure that emails saved in Kolmeo Pro as a '.MSG' file type can be downloaded and viewed.

  • Inspection Timeline - Web v App - Fix applied to the Inspections Timeline to ensure that all Inspections in the App are also displayed on the Inspections list page in the Web version of Kolmeo Pro.

  • Requests - Snooze from Request list page - A fix has been applied to the Snooze function from the Request lists page to ensure that once the Snooze date has been set the Request is removed from the list page rather than redirecting the user to the Request Details page.

  • Requests - Type Of Request Menu - The 'Type of request' drop-down menu used when creating a new request or editing the details of an existing request has been reordered to ensure all items appear in an alphabetical order.

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