Please note: To ensure you are using the most recent version of the Kolmeo Pro App please check your App settings on your device for updates (see how to do this here) and to ensure you are using the most recent version of Kolmeo Pro Web please logout and log back in again.

New Features & Improvements

  • Inspections on Web -

    Mark Entry Notices as Sent - You have the ability to record when an Inspection Entry Notice has been issued to tenants on the Web version of Kolmeo Pro. Entry Notices can be Marked as Sent via the 'Mark Entry Notice as Sent' option from the the menu icon (vertical ellipsis '⋮') next to the Inspection record on the Inspections List page. Once an Entry Notice has been marked as Sent a Post will be added to the Inspection Timeline.

    Inspection Lists Page Update - Two additional columns have been added to Inspections List page:

    • Entry Notice Due By - This column displays the date that the Entry Notice is due to be issued to the tenants by, the calendar icon will contain a tick when inside the time window to issue the notice. This field is also available on the Inspection Timeline.

    • Entry Notice Status - The status will appear as Unsent until the Notice has been marked as sent. Once the Notice has been marked as sent the Status will update to Sent and the Sent On date will be displayed.

  • Supplier Remittance Advice Update - The Supplier Remittance Advice has been updated so that it clear to the Supplier if an invoice part-payment has been received. The remittance till now display the invoice 'Total Amount', 'Paid Amount' and 'Outstanding Amount'.

Bug Fixes

  • Kolmeo Pro App for iOS - Request Filters - A fix has been applied to the Filters on the request page on the App to ensure that the page is filtered to only show 'In Queue' and 'In Progress' Requests by default, this fix also gives the user the ability to select multiple statuses when filtering Requests.

  • Inspections on App for iOS - Duplicated Rooms - Fix applied to rectify an issue reported by some users where Rooms where duplicated causing other Rooms to be removed while conducting inspections on the App.

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