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New Features & Improvements

  • Rent Adjustments Update - The Rent Adjustment page has been updated; the Adjustment Subcategory is now displayed above the 'Payable By' and 'Payable To' fields. When creating Adjustments with the category of 'Rent Adjustment' payable by the Tenant, Agency or Owner the 'Payable To' field will only contain 'Tenancy' as an option to ensure the funds are allocated correctly and Paid To dates adjust accordingly.

  • Routine Inspection Report Template Update -

    • Report Cover Letter Updates - The Agency logo will be displayed in the top left-hand corner of the Routine Inspection cover letter (if no logo has been supplied, then the agency's name in plain text will be displayed). The page header will now include the Agency name, phone number and email address. The Property Manager signature will be displayed above the Property Manager sign-off if the Property Manager has a signature saved against their profile in Kolmeo. If no signature is available the report will leave a space allowing the Property Manager to print and sign.

    • Room Comments and Condition Page Updates - The Property default image will display in the top right-hand corner of the page (if no default image has been assigned to the property, this space will remain blank). Additional Inspection and Property information is displayed at the top of the page including; the name of the person the inspection was conducted by, the date the inspection was completed, current rent amount, lease type and length and the names of the current tenants.

    • Photo Page Updates - The number of photos captured for a room is displayed under the room heading. If no photos were taken in a room then the room heading will not be displayed.

    • Final Notes Section Updates - When no comments have been entered against the Rent Appraisal field the heading will be hidden. The disclaimer is displayed at the bottom of the page.

    • Print to PDF - You have the ability to print a copy of the report direct to PDF when viewing on the Web by clicking on the 'Print to PDF' button.

  • Tenant Transfer Fee - 'Tenant Transfer (Ex. GST)' has been added as a fee type to the Ownership > Commissions and Fees page under the 'Miscellaneous' section. 'Tenant Transfer (Ex. GST)' has also been added as a selectable fee type when creating a new invoice.

  • Vacate Date and Rent Record Alert - When a 'Vacate Date' is entered against a Tenancy and the current 'Rent Record' has no end date an alert is displayed on the Tenancy Overview page to prompt the Property Manager to edit the Rent Record. The alert also contains a link to the Tenancy Rent & Payments page. An alert is also displayed on the Tenancy Rent & Payments page notifying the Property Manager of the Vacate Date and advising to correct the Rent Records and enter a Pro-Rata Rent Record if the tenant is vacating off cycle.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to create Adjustments or attach Documents - Fix applied to resolve an issue reported by some users where Adjustments were unable to be created and Documents unable to be attached in Kolmeo.

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