Please note: To ensure you are using the most recent version of the Kolmeo Pro App please check your App settings on your device for updates (see how to do this here) and to ensure you are using the most recent version of Kolmeo Pro Web please logout and log back in again.

New Features & Improvements

  • Edit Owner Profile - You have the ability to edit the Owner Profile > Personal Details page, this includes the Owner Name, Contact Details, Address, Assingened Office, Emergency Contact and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions fields. The 'Emergency Contact' field has been updated and is no longer a required field when editing or creating an Owner profile.

    Please note: The 'Owner as Company' toggle remains uneditable; if the profile needs to be changed to 'Owner as Company' or have the company details removed then a new profile will need to be created.

    The 'Date of Birth' field is mandatory and if blank will need to be completed before any changes can be saved.

    If the owner profile has been migrated into Kolmeo with missing information or incomplete data (e.g. missing address details such as Street No. if a Po Box or a state or postcode, missing an email address or not assigned to an Agency or Office) the details will need to be completed before any changes can be saved. If you are experiencing any difficulties please contact our Customer Experience team via the customer support tool.

  • Inspections on the Kolmeo Pro App for iOS Update - By default, the app while in 'Online Mode' will now display any overdue 'Scheduled' or 'In Progress' Inspections under the Scheduled tab with an inspection date of up to 60 days in the past.

  • Offline Mode - Kolmeo Pro iOS App - Sync Data for Offline Access - You have the ability to sync future or past due Inspections to your device for use in 'Offline mode'. The app, by default, will display any Inspections due to be completed within the next 4 days and any overdue Inspections from the past 14 days. To sync an inspection outside of this timeframe to your device open the app while an internet connection is available, then click the 'Sync' button next to the Scheduled Inspection. Once 'Synced' the inspection will appear in Offline Mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Inspections on the Kolmeo Pro App for iOS -

    • In Progress Inspections - Fix applied to Inspections on the Kolmeo Pro app for iOS to resolve the issue where 'In Progress' inspections were not appearing under the 'Scheduled' tab.

    • Photo Gallery - A fix has been applied to ensure the App no longer crashes when trying to view the Inspection Photo Gallery containing 50 or more photos.

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