This function can only be performed on the web version of Kolmeo Pro.

How to On-Charge an invoice to a Tenant on the Web version

  1. Locate the invoice to be On-Charged either from the Payments icon in the side menu or the Invoices tab from within the Property, then click View to open the invoice.

  2. Next to the invoice heading click on the More Actions button and select Create On-Charge Invoice.

  3. The Create On-Charge Invoice page will open in a new tab in your browser, allowing you to click back and forth between tabs to view the original invoice.

  4. Next complete all required fields:

    • Property Address – This field is auto-populated from the original invoice and cannot be edited.

    • Invoice Category – This field is also auto-populated from the original invoice however can be edited.

    • Automatically approve this invoice – Once the box has been checked the invoice will be created with the status of Pending Payment.

    • Append original invoice as an appendix – When this box is checked a copy of the original invoice will be attached as an additional page to the on-charged invoice. Note: It is recommended that the original invoice is reviewed first to ensure that there is no personal information on the document, for example, if the Owner's address is listed on the original document, should this be sent to the Tenant?

    • Description – Enter the Description that is to appear on the on-charged Tenant invoice.

    • Description Notes – If required enter additional notes to appear on the invoice, for example, if on-charging for water usage, you may enter water usage dates and calculations here.

    • Payable By – Select Tenant from the drop-down list.

    • Tenants – Select the Tenant name that the invoice is to be addressed to and is responsible for the payment.

    • Payment Methods – If the Tenant has account details entered against their profile and has given authority to Direct Debit invoices select the Tenant's account (Ensure you have the Tenant's approval before processing the payment). If no account details have been received for the tenant or no authority has been given, the payment method will default to Bpay and Bpay details will generate on the invoice once Approved.

    • Payable To – Select either Owner (to pay directly to an individual owner) or Ownership (if multiple owners and the payment is to be split as per the ownership %).

    • If you selected Owner, you’ll need to complete the following fields:

      • Owners – Select the Owner the invoice is to be paid to (the owner will need to have an approved account entered against their profile in Kolmeo in order to receive the payment).

      • Payment Destination – select the Owner account that the invoice is to be paid to.

    • Invoice Total – This is the Total Amount to be on-charged to the Tenant, the amount entered may not exceed the amount of the original invoice. Click back to the original invoice tab to view the details of the original invoice if required.

    • Due Date – Select the date the tenant needs to make the payment by.

  5. Finally, click on the ‘Save Invoice’ button. The tenant on-charged invoice has now been created.


Can I On Charge the invoice to multiple Tenants?

Yes, however, you will need to follow the above process to create a separate on charge invoice for each Tenant. Ensure to enter the Invoice Total of each on charge invoice as per the Tenant's share of the invoice and that the total amount of all the on charge invoices to do not exceed the original invoice amount.

My owner’s or tenant’s account is not appearing in the Payment Methods/Destination drop-down list.

Make sure you have entered your owner or tenant account details prior to processing the Invoice.

The Save Invoice button is greyed out and I can’t click on it.

Have you completed all required fields? Any field marked with a * is mandatory and must be completed before you can save.

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