Please note: To ensure you are using the most recent version of the Kolmeo Pro App please check your App settings on your device for updates (see how to do this here) and to ensure you are using the most recent version of Kolmeo Pro Web please logout and log back in again.

New Features & Improvements

  • Auto Calculate GST on Invoices – When an invoice Is either Created or Uploaded in Kolmeo the GST amount (if applicable) is automatically calculated. On invoices ‘Created’ in Kolmeo, GST of 10% is calculated based on the amount entered in the ‘Amount (excl. GST)’ field and applied to the ‘Total Amount’. When a Supplier invoice is ‘Uploaded’ into Kolmeo the GST is calculated from the amount entered in the ‘Total Amount’ field and the GST portion is displayed in the ‘GST’ field based on the Suppliers’ GST settings. If the supplier is set as ‘Exempt’ or ‘N/A’ the ‘GST’ field is left as $0.00. The ‘GST’ field on both ‘Created’ and ‘Uploaded’ invoices remains editable.

  • Auto Invoices - Inspection Fees – An Inspection Fee (Entry, Exit or Routine) invoice is auto-generated once an Inspection is set to ‘Completed’. The fee amount is calculated based on the Inspection type and the fee amount entered against the properties Commission & Fees (Routine Inspection – Routine Inspection (Es. GST), Entry Inspection – Ingoing Inspection (Ex. GST), Exit Inspection – Outgoing Inspection (Ex.GST)). The invoice is payable by Ownership to Agency and is automatically set to ‘Pay from Income’, however, can also be paid via Bpay. The invoice also calculates and adds GST. If no fee amount is entered against the properties Commission & Fees no invoice will be raised.

  • Edit Request Target Date on the App for iOS - You have the ability to set, edit or remove the Request Target date on an existing Request on the Kolmeo Pro app for iOS devices. To set, edit or remove a Target Date, open a Request to the Request details page on your device and click on the Target Date field and make your changes as required.

  • Property List Page Update – The properties List page on the Web version of Kolmeo Pro has been updated to allow a quicker load time and more stability. The Property List page now displays the following details: Default Image, Property Name, Property Details, Tenant Details, Property Status, Owner Details. The page size has also been reduced to list 20 Properties per page.

Bug Fixes

  • Send SMS from Request on Web - Fix applied to Requests on the web version of Kolmeo Pro to ensure this feature is functional and working.

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