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New Features & Improvements

Routine Inspection Report Template Update –

  • Report Cover Letter Updates – The letterhead and Owner postal address alignment has been updated to ensure the address is displayed correctly allowing the report to be placed in a window faced envelope and posted.
    A comma has been added to the sign off after ‘Yours Sincerely’.
    The ‘Dear’ field has been updated to address the Owner by the ‘Preferred’ name entered against the Owner Profile in Kolmeo Pro, should the ‘Preferred’ name field be blank the system will merge the data from the ‘First Name’ field.

  • Photo Page Updates - Photos will no longer appear as one page per room, if only a few photos are taken in a room, the photos from the next room will be displayed directly below under a new room heading on the same page. The orientation and spacing of photos has also been updated to allow for a more consistent design with less blank space.

Right Click to Open Request – When working in requests you can now right click and open in a new tab/ window from the main list.

Disable part payments for Suppliers – Some suppliers such as Insurance do not allow for part payments of invoices, so we have created a feature inside suppliers to disable receiving part payments. This can be set on specific suppliers inside their supplier card.

Edit User Position Title – In your user profile we have had a limited list of Position Titles available we have now converted this list to a free text field to allow more flexibility for you.

Group Properties – You have the ability to create Group Properties in Kolmeo Pro. A group Property is a common property record that can be created for Owners of multiple properties under management who require all expenses to be paid from the one place and receive a single monthly statement.

Bug Fixes

  • Activity Log – A fix has been applied to the Activity log on the Property Details page to ensure that changes to Internal Reminders are displayed.

  • Internal Reminders - Fix applied to Internal Reminders on the Property Details page to ensure that the details are not affected when the Property Management tab is edited.

  • User Permissions – A fix has been applied to User Permissions to ensure users without the ‘Property_Inactivate’ are not able to change the Property Status to ‘Inactive’

  • Marketing – Primary Contact – A fix has been put in place you allow you to select a single user as the primary contact.

  • Salutation for Inspection reports – we have updated the reports that are created for a owner to use the Preferred name next to the

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