New Features & Improvements

Tenancy ledgers are here!!

You can now access a tenant's ledgers directly on the screen in Kolmeo, not only can you access the details but ya’ll can download a PDF and end it as needed or even print it. You will see in the tenancy that we have updated the transactions menu heading to Tenancy Ledger.

  • View on screen

  • Export to PDF

  • Filter by date

  • Access tenancy transaction details

Cycle Dates

We have added smarts so you know rent cycle dates when managing rent records. The date picker will indicate which dates are on cycle and only allow for you to select dates that align with the current rent cycle. If you wish to change a cycle date you will need to add a pro rata rent record.

Next direct debit visibility - You now have the ability to see when the next Direct Debit will occur for each individual tenant. This will allow you to give accurate details to your tenants on when the next direct debit amount will be taken regardless of the current paid to date.

Manage/ skip a direct debit – Now that you have the ability to see the next direct debit date this allows for you to manage or skip a payment if required. Under payment methods find the tenant you want to skip the payment for select the ellipsis at the end of the row and edit. This will allow you to choose the date that you want to set the next debit for. If you are wanting to skip the debit for all tenants within the tenancy you will need to repeat this for each tenant.

Managing rent records

  • Edit a future rent record - Need to change a future rent record? No worries we have you sorted, Kolmeo now allows for you to edit a future rent record by clicking the ellipsis at the end of the record. You can only edit 1 record at a time, and it must be the record at the top of the list. If you need to edit the next rent record you will need to cancel the top one to allow the edit option to appear

  • Cancel a future rent record – You can only cancel the top rent record, along with only 1 record at a time. Simply click on the ellipsis at the end and select cancel. If you need to cancel the next rent record you will need to cancel the top one to allow the edit option to appear

Adjustments & Invoices from income – This feature allows for an adjustment or invoice to be paid from any finds coming to the property eg owner funds, insurance claims. You will notice that this has been update in the invoices screen from the invoices from rent

Cancelling an adjustment – as a Property Manger you now have the ability to cancel an approved adjustment

Bug Fixes

  • Commission charged on refund invoices – If a property was set to charge commission on invoices and the rent refund was processed we were deducting the commission from the invoice. This has now been correct so that any refund is excluded from fee charges.

  • Paid to dates updating after rent refund – The issue of paid to dates not updating in the rent and payments screen has been corrected, the paid to dates are reflected correctly in this screen and the ledgers

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