New & Feature Improvements

Roles and permissions visibility

Need to know what you Kolmeo roles and permissions are? You can check this out in your profile under admin/staff.

Edit Staff Profiles

Need to update a team members details or permissions, maybe a new phone number? No worries, if you are a Manager or General manager you can now make these changes without the need to contact the Kolmeo Customer Team

Mandatory fields for owner and tenants

Kolmeo will now display any missed mandatory or invalid fields in red when editing an owner or tenant profile. This will help you understand why you may be unable to save a record.

Bug Fixes

  • Uploading documents – Resolved issue when uploading documents and selecting the category of Insurance Documents was not allowing to view after.

  • Assigned office - Resolved issue where you could not update the assigned office from the Property Management page.

  • Linking Child properties – Resolved issue where the link between parent and child properties was being removed after making a edit to the Property Management page.

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