New & Improved Feature

Automated entry notices – Entry notices will now automatically send 7 days prior to the routine inspection date once scheduled. When you are scheduling your inspections, it will default to auto send entry notice tag on.

If you do not want the entry notice to automatically send to the tenant simply untag this option when you schedule the inspection.

What happens to my current notices ?

Any inspections that have been scheduled prior to the release will still need to be manually sent, Kolmeo will not auto send the entry notice.

What is the content of the email?

The email content will display as per below and have the official entry noticed attached.

When will it update to sent?

The entry notice will send to the tenant on the entry notice due by date

What if there is more than 1 tenant?

Kolmeo will send a entry notice to all tenants that have an email attached to their profile

How will I know if 1 of the emails fail?

If there are 3 tenants all with emails, and only 1 of the emails within the tenancy fails Kolmeo will update the entry notice status to sent for the inspection. If you need to review the status for each individual tenant, you can do this from within the inspection timeline.

What happens if I untag auto send entry notice?

The status will display as Unsent Manual Send and you will need to download the entry notice and send via your external email program and then mark as sent

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