New & Feature Improvements

πŸŽ„ Gain/Lost Reasons

We have made several enhancements around the gained and lost reasons within a property.

  • The list has been updated to sort by alphabetical order when selecting a reason

  • Whilst Kolmeo has a generic list of lost and gained reasons, for those agencies that have requested additional items specific to their agencies, these are now live for each of you.

  • You can edit the reasons after the initial entry is saved via property/ property management/ edit

  • Reporting has been updated to include agency specific items

🎁 Document Templates

Sooooo many enhancements to your documents templates that we decided a video might be best! You can find your document templates admin/ document templates

  • When adding a document to your library the categories display in alphabetical order

  • You can create and edit your templates with greater ease as you can now see a list of merge fields available, and not just see the list but copy them to paste into your document!

  • When entering a new template that has Kolmeo merge fields within it, you must tag the this template uses merge fields option for the merge action to take place in the request.

  • Agency specific templates can be set when creating or editing the template, the template will then only display for properties that belong to that agency

  • Office specific templates can be set, you can choose 1 office to attach the template to within an agency. Important note you can only select 1 office or all, you can’t choose more than 1.

  • Replace a document – if you need to update a document you can now remove the existing document and add the updated one in the one place.

  • You can mark a template as inactive, and it will not display that template in the request post options

  • Search & filter – looking for a particular template? You can use the filters in the documents template screen

  • In requests, when you add a post, you will see your templates in alphabetical order to allow to find what you need.

πŸŽ… Inspections

  • Send SMS from inspection timeline – you can send a sms to your tenants from the timeline of a specific inspection. At this time this feature is not available for bulk sms and can only be completed on an individual inspection at a time.

  • We have removed the inspection settings from the tenancy overview page as they now sit within the inspection’s menu of each tenancy

  • The next inspection due date can be entered with a date in the past, this can be useful for take over management and allow for accurate reporting of overdue inspections.

    Property / tenancy / select tenancy/ inspections / edit / update next inspection date / save

β˜ƒοΈ Requests

  • Re-assign requests in bulk – if you tag more than one request you will have a pop up to allow you to make a bulk change. You can tag individual requests one by one or tag all on the page, you may also filter the results and tag all of the results and bulk update.

  • Unless you tag at least 1 entry you will not be able to see the bulk update option on your screen

  • Template order- The display order of your templates in a report post will now be in alphabetical order.

🧦 Stocking stuffers

  • DOB option in staff profile – As staff are not set to have transactions occur we have been able to make the date of birth filed option in the staff profile page.

  • User display in correct order – when creating a new property or editing an existing property the Property Manager, BDM and Leasing Consultant names will now display in alphabetical order.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Resolved – commission not updating as it should when changed. When you make a change to the commission of a property it will update throughout the system and the back end. There is no need to have Kolmeo customer team check in the back end for you.

  • Resolved – lease dates displaying incorrectly in the tenancy lease menu. When the dates are entered it is displaying 1 day earlier than it should. It will now display the correct dates as the enter them.

  • Resolved – staff roles are not appearing in the staff profile screen until you edit the staff member. This has been updated to show all staff roles on the main screen.

  • Resolved - marketing Domain unable to unpublish. The issue preventing some users from unpublishing to the portal have been resolved. You can go back to unpublishing as normal

  • Resolved - REA-Marketing floor plan issues. When removing a floor plan and updating to REA it will not remove the old floor plan. You can remove floor plans as normal and update/ publish and it will be correct.

  • Resolved – When filtering requests by Snoozed, you are getting different results when in the request menu and the property menu. This has been corrected to give the same results in either screen.

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