Welcome to the first release of 2022. Over the break, the team have been busy bees and have lots of enhancements for you. These have been done to make the ease of finding and accessing information in Kolmeo quicker for you all.

You will see these changes if you log in after 11.00am Monday 24th January.

New features

Bulk marketing publishes

Publishing or unpublishing to your marketing portals just got quicker thanks to the new option to publish to multiple portals at once. This will also apply to updates and unpublish. You still can publish/ update individual portals as previously.

  1. Under properties/ marketing

  2. Tag the box at the top of the table. This will tag all portals available to publish to

  3. Click publish & update

Invoice and work order categories

When entering a work order Kolmeo will auto populate the category where possible based on the supplier profile. If there is more than one category against the supplier profile Kolmeo will display these for you to select from.

This also applies when entering an invoice.

When you enter an invoice and link the work order the category will auto populate from the work order.

  • If the category you need is not displaying, you will need to update the supplier profile with the category.

  • If there is no category attached to a supplier profile, we will display all categories set up in Kolmeo.


1. Tenant landing page. Better access to owner and tenant details from the properties landing page. When looking at the properties list you can click on the tenant’s name or icon, and it will take you directly to the tenant details within the property. When you click on the owner’s name or icon it will take you directly to the ownership page.

This will greatly reduce the number of clicks to access key information.

2. Agency landing page. When in admin/ agency you can open the agency details by clicking anywhere on the row, previously you could only open it by clicking on the actual name.

3. Supplier landing page. When in Supplier you can open the supplier details by clicking anywhere on the row, previously you could only open it by clicking on the actual supplier’s name.

4. Profile landing page. When in Profile you can open the profile details by clicking anywhere on the row, previously you could only open it by clicking on the actual profile name.

5. Keys landing page. When in Keys you can open the key details by clicking anywhere on the row, previously you could only open it by clicking on the actual key number.

6. Invoice number display change. Previously the main invoice number displayed at the top of the page was the Kolmeo internal reference number for the invoice. This has been changed to reflect the supplier actual invoice number

7. Sorting of Agency/ office / role randomly. Throughout Kolmeo these options will now display the details in alphabetical order to allow it easier to choose the correct option.

8. Removed Kolmeo brand colours from work order template. Any new work orders created will now display a black line instead of the green. This will not affect any current work orders, only new ones.

9. Work order categories. Some new categories have been added and some removed

New Accountant

New Depreciation Schedule

New Fencing

New Legal

New Telephone

Removed Property Inspection

Removed Body Corporate

Current work orders using the removed categories will show as a blank category

10. Upload multiple images at once. Previously when adding marketing images to a property you could only add a single image at a time, now you can upload multiple at once!

  • When it's time to add photos select up to 10 photos at once and upload.

  • Currently the maximum photos that can be selected at once is 10 then upload them and repeat if you have more than 10 images.

  • It can take several seconds for the images to load, if you are not seeing the results, you expected simply refresh your page and they will display.


1. We’ve tweaked the order of details when creating a new request. Previously you would enter the address, description, more details and then the type. We have moved request type to directly under property address.

2. Email details from a request. When you’re in a request and want to quickly send off an email to the owner or tenant you can now click on the owner or tenant email displayed on the right panel, and it will open a new email inside your email program.

Please note this will not save the email details in the request or in Kolmeo, only make it easier for you to access creating the email externally.

Bug fixes

Resolved: when bulk assign requests it is making the timeline update in bold and not consistent with the formatting of other timeline posts.

Resolved: Relief PM role unable to access reports, requests and other areas of Kolmeo as required.

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