The current Kolmeo Pro app version is 0.13.86. Please ensure you are running the latest version.

Rent & Payments screen changes

We have made significant changes to the layout of the summary at the top of the rent & payments screen to allow for a clearer picture of where the tenant is paid to as well as the amount owed.

  1. Next Due Date indicates the next normal cycle date rent is due.

  2. Paid to Actual shows the paid to date aligned to the rent cycle and if any part payments towards the next cycle have been received.

  3. Paid to Effective shows the paid to date inclusive of any part payments.

  4. Arrears to today show the arrears owed up to today only.

  5. Arrears to Next Due Date shows the full amount the tenant owes to their next due date.

Important Notes

  • Paid to Actual and Effective fields functionality has not change, we have just relocated it on the page.

  • Ensure you check the next debit date in Payment Methods for any scheduled skips.

Paid to dates

A new paid to date algorithm is live. Any new transactions from this point forward will be accurate and calculate as expected.

Note: This will not correct any historical issues with paid to dates. We are working hard to resolve these and will have further updates to you over the coming days.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved - Unable to complete inspection on the app. A number of users were unable to complete inspections once the inspection was open.

  • Resolved - Issue with not being able to begin/continue inspections when no rooms are linked to the inspection.

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