New & Improved Features

Key records

Improvements have been made to allow you to create, edit and remove a key without having to ask the Kolmeo Customer team to action this for you.

This is just the beginning of our plans for keys and over time you will see more and more functionality come into play.

Creating a new key

Edit a existing Key

Remove a Key

Payment Support Tools

Whilst this is an internal feature, it will have an impact on how we investigate payment queries from you. Payment support tools will give us greater insight about the flow of specific transactions and allow us to help you more quickly.

Moving forward if you have a transaction that you need us to investigate, you will need to provide documentation such as the ownership transaction report or tenancy ledger and indicate which transaction you need us to investigate.


If an owner contacts you regarding a payment they have not received, you can send us the transaction report showing the funds paid out.

You can find the owner transaction report inside the property and export it.

Bug fixes

Resolved: Unable to search for a property in Keys that contains a " / " you have ability to search for an address using a / where required.

Resolved: Unable to edit property details when the gained reason is blank

Resolved unable to change the status of a property

Resolved: Unable to create staff without date of birth details. This has been updated to allow you to create a new staff member and leave DOB blank

Resolved: Missing highlight when hovering over the drop-down menu items in the Property Details edit page.

Resolved: Handling multiple supplier payment profile details whilst a payment is in progress.

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