The Owner Payment Advice has been designed to let the owner know there are funds paid to them. It is not a statement, but a document to help your owners understand what property the funds are for and that there are now funds available in their account.

When is it sent?

Currently it is sent per transaction once Kolmeo has received a 'cleared notification' from the owners bank, this may be after the owner has received the funds into their account. We are working on improving this so it will be sent to your owners once funds have been paid out of Kolmeo.

What is sent?

The owner will get an email automatically containing the payment advice PDF attached. This is not a replacement for a statement, the statement will be sent at the end of the month as per normal.

  • It will be sent from the same email address that is used for sending your monthly statements.

  • The signature will display the details of the property manager attached tot the property in Kolmeo.

  • Currently the subject line displays as Payment Advice [owner name] we will be updating this to reflect the property address.

How often will it be sent

Each transaction that Kolmeo processes per property to the owner will have a Owner Payment Advice sent.

What if my owner has more than 1 property?

If an owner has multiple properties they will receive a Owner Payment Advice per property, per transaction.

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