Improved Features

Edit Tenancy Additional Details

Create/ link work order from a request.

Create/ link invoice to a work order and request

Cancelled rent record

Order of tenancy listing changes

Edit Tenancy Additional Details

Yep, you read it right we are releasing edit tenancy details. This means you can now edit details such as pets or number of tenants without having to send a ticket to the customer team.


  1. Properties/ tenancy/ tenants

  2. Click edit for additional details

  3. Update the details as required

  4. Click save

Current tickets to update tenancy details will be completed however any new tickets from 1/3/2022 will be returned to the user with details on how to make the change.

Create/ link work order from a request.

When managing maintenance on a property you can create and access the work order directly from the request. Once the work order has been created it will show as linked under the Linked Records panel inside the request.


  1. Open the request

  2. Click create work order

  3. Complete all the required fields in the work order as per the normal process

  4. Once save it will be linked and clickable.

Create/ link invoice to a work order and request

When entering a invoice you can link it to the work order, this will allow Kolmeo to auto populate key fields along with linking the invoice with the original request. Once linked you can easily move between the invoice, request, and work order.

  • When uploading the invoice select the appropriate work order from the list.

  • Once selected complete the remaining required fields and save the invoice.

View links in Request page

Once the invoice is linked to the work order it will also automatically link to the request. This will only occur if the work order is linked to the request to start with.

Cancelled rent record

The ability to cancel a rent record is back and improved. When a rent record is

cancelled it will be hidden, to view all the cancelled rent records, click the toggle for Show cancelled records.


  1. Navigate to the rent & payments menu within the tenancy

  2. Click on the 3 dots at the end of the rent record you want to cancel

  3. Select Cancel from the list

  4. You will receive a pop up confirmation/ Click confirm if you wish to complete this action

Order of tenancy listing changes

On the tenancy list screen, we display all tenancies for a property. Currently the sort order is by lease start date, regardless of status. We have improved this to change the order of the tenancy listing, where all tenancies with status Rejected are shown in the bottom.

You will notice that the leases will appear in the following order:

Tenancies (minus those with ‘rejected’ status) are sorted by newest lease and then all tenancies with ‘rejected’ status sorted by newest least date

Bug fixes

Resolved: Unable to complete bond lodgement without a bond number

Resolved: Uploading multiple marketing images not all showing on image list upon first upload

Resolved: Room order in inspection report not matching the room order on the app. When creating a new room on the App it is not retaining the order.

Resolved: Key status not refleting correctly in the App when a key is booked out via the web

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