New & Improved Features

Edit invoices on hold

When an invoice has a status of On Hold you can edit the invoice details as required by clicking Edit Invoice button from within the invoice.


Step 1 Open the required invoice

Step 2 Click Edit invoice. Change the details required

Step 3 Review the invoice details

Step 4 Save

This will put the invoice back into awaiting approval status and remove the On Hold.

Step 5 Approve the invoice

Step 6 Place the invoice back on hold if required.

Bug fixes

Resolved: When a property has no transactions that month and no statement sent to the owner, Kolmeo is generating a statement fee when it should not

Resolved: Bank account nick names not appearing when processing an adjustment or invoice

Resolved: Unable to sort request by snoozed date on the main request page

Resolved: When filtering by priority it will not display for the specific priority

Resolved: Email address’s trimmed when sending to database

Resolved: Scrolling down on PM/BDM/LC drop down list clears whole form

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