New & Improved Features

New Tenancy Lease Creation Improvements

Additional fields of Weekly Rent and Frequency have been added when adding a new Tenancy. These fields will be pre-populated from the details under the marketing menu within the property card, however, can be edited if required. This additional data has been added to allow for work on auto-letting fee invoice creation to commence.

New Tenancy Lease Status Changes

When a new Tenancy is created the lease record will default to the status of Draft, allowing you to edit the lease dates if needed before the lease commences. Once the Tenancy is updated to Active and the lease has commenced, you will be required to click the Start button to change the lease status to Current.

New Tenancy Edit Lease Dates

Whilst a lease status is Draft, users can change/edit the lease dates without having to send a ticket to the Kolmeo Customer Team. Once the lease status is changed to Current you will no longer be able to edit the dates.

Enter Past Lease Dates

Due to the above changes, you are now able to enter a lease with a start date in the past without having to send a ticket to the Kolmeo Customer Team. You will also be able to Edit an existing lease in the Draft status with a start date in the past. Once the lease is in Current status you will not be able to edit the dates.

Update to Leasing Fee Invoice Calculations

The New Leasing Fee (ex. GST) field that displays when Charge New Lease On is set to either % of Annual Rent or # of Weeks on the Ownership - Commissions and Fees screen has been removed due to the inaccurate amount calculated. As a result, all leasing fees will need to be manually calculated when creating a New Leasing Fee invoice.

Soon we will be releasing the auto fee invoices which will not require any manual calculations.

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Rent allocation showing -$0.01 when more than 4 rent payment methods

Under the Hood

KOL-35654 - API integration changes related to the implantation of the new tenancy lease process.

KOL-35482 - Include OfficeAltID in GET calls. Allows for agencies with multiple offices within 1 database to identify which office staff, owners and tenants belong to.

KOL-34001 - Prevention of non-admin users accessing admin features via API.

Hot Fix 7.3.1 Invoice duplication warnings

Release 16th May 2022

Recently the duplicate invoice warnings have not been working as they should, this has now been rectified.

When data entering a invoice if certain fields match details against another invoice the duplicate invoice warning will appear as per previous functionality.

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